UB184 – Troy Bohunk

UB184 – There are a Dozen Show titles we could of has with this one. Mum – I’m apologising in advance for this one! To the rest of you, I hope your cheeks hurt as much as mine do! Enjoy!!! Check out this episode!

I Sat Down on a Bench and Fell Asleep

UB183 – Mofobes joins us today and we catch up with what’s been going on. Topics of the day include 5am Gym visits, steaks with the In-Restons, Brexit and Trump, Tales from the poker table and a Drunken Troy Bokhunk story! You’re wingman’s out there alone! Check out this episode!

TNL 42 – Do You Run With Your Helmet on Too

TNL42. It’s been a while, and were a little rusty, but we discuss what we have been up to since September. Questions? Send us a mail. Liam@uttabull.com or Geoff@uttabull.com Check out this episode!

Zion National Park

UB181 MoFobes drops by for a catch up… Topics of the day include a UBU15 Recap, A trip to Zion National Park, recent Vegas hangouts, and a little light chat about the NFL opening weeks. Vegas News, sees us discuss an Old House, Carl “Safe Sax” Farris, and a hotel […]

TNL41 – Confession

TNL41 – Practice what you preach.  Coming off the back off of the Marathon was never ideal, but somehow Liam has managed to go full circle and has almost gone back to where he come from.  On air realizations and a new determination to succeeded make for some pretty raw […]

UBU15 Live – Coasteering

As part of the 2015 Uttabull’s up we decided to have an adventure. We went to Peel Castle on the west of the Island, and waded into the sea to do some coasteering. clambering around the rocks, and jumping in the sea. The Group was lead by Adventurous Experiences who […]

UBU180 – Live At The BBQ

UB180. Unlike the food, This podcast is RAW, LIVE, and UNCUT.  Recorded live at the UBU15 BBQ.  Check out this episode!

UB179 Peel Hill

UB179 UBU15 Recorded LIVE and RAW.  As part of the 2015 Bulls up we went up Peel Hill to walk up to Corrins Folly.  We recap the weekend so far, and chatch a little chit chat along the way.  Check out this episode!

UB177 – The LA Special Olympics

UB177 Today we are joined by two guests in the uttabull studios who waste no time in complaining about the decor! This show is rather full on, Football, Panto. We cover the The Los Angeles 2015 Special Olympics with an Olympian who come back a medal winner.  We run through […]

TNL40 – Marathon Q & A

The Uttabull Studios have been quiet all week, so when the opportunity to record something came up the production team grabbed it with both hands.  Geoff stopped by for a quick chat to ask Liam about the Marathon, and off the back of last weeks solo show, they run through […]

TNL39 – Running my first marathon

What to get the full low down of how Liam’s marathon went?  In this one off solo show, Liam sits down and takes you through what happened on his first marathon. The thoughts, emotions and conclusions of this epic 30 week Journey of a guy who 31 weeks ago could […]