UB176 – Avoid The Vauxhall Corsa’s

UB176. Actually recorded Live in a Pub… Liam takes the outdoor broadcasting unit out to the pub and sits down with the guy who has appeared on every TNL podcast, and doesn’t even need to show up. We talk about Matt and his music, and how Matt finds life on […]

IOM001 – Isle of Man Constabulary

IOM001 – Isle of Man Constabulary  Welcome to the first show in a new series on the Uttabull Podcast Network.  In this series of shows entitled “Uttabull Recorded On The Isle of Man” we will be, over time, meeting people from around the Isle of Man to share their perspective […]

UB175 – Buffoon

UB175 – MoFobes stops by for a chat, we catch up with what he has been up to.  We talk about what it’s like dropping the kids of to day care for the first time, buying protection in the supermarket, oh, and the presidential Election.  We also get a little […]

TNL38 – 18 Miles

We didn’t have much time to record a show, but keen to keep testing our new setup we decided to push on and have a quick catch up.  The newer runner is pushing on, while the seasoned guy is taking a back seat.  We also look at how wanting something […]

TNL37 – Drink Your Water People

  This weeks show leans towards hydration. But we also have two very different stories from the road, one of woe, and one of euphoria.   We discuss a few other things that we are up to but the bottom line is drink more water and eat more bacon!!   […]

TNL36 – Running When You’re Sick

TNL36 – Running when your sick. This episode sees the first of a new form of production from our studios, please bear with us while we familiarise ourselves with this new quicker form of delivery. Today’s show recorded a few weeks ago sees us discuss running when we are sick. […]

UB173 – CoolDatAzz

UB173 – Spoon stops by for his first appearance on Uttabull.  We talk about his new business venture, Thailand, Salt Lake, Sports around the leagues, and we unleash the Uttabull questions on him with some of the best answers we have had to date…  Spoon’s Website if you intrested in […]

TNL35 – Run Walk Run.

TNL35 – Run Walk Run.  Today Liam talk’s to Geoff about changing the way he is approaching his first marathon and is thinking about introducing a Run Walk Run method to his approach for the marathon.  Heard on the a recent Marathon Training academy podcast,  Jeff Galloway was a guest on […]

UB172 – Pee’s On His Hands

UB172 – MoFobes is back for an in-depth look at all things vegas, from container malls to  licensed Mini Golf courses, we do a lap of the strip and back again. In Vegas News, we say bye to the Riviera, the $10000 boxing ticket and pay our respects to the […]

TNL34 – Two Steps Away

TNL34 – It’s been a while as Liam goes through some training to qualify as a lifeguard. Seeing as it’s been  over a month, we end up talking about what we have been up to, and funnily enough, we talk a lot about running. Questions? Send us a mail. Liam@uttabull.com […]