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Uttabull Premium Episodes

Uttabull has now been going for over 4 years, and we know that some of you want to support the show, and after much consideration have decided to offer you premium content. We at uttabull are big fans of beer, and as such feel that this should be our international currency. We checked with a nearby Pub for the price of a beer, and have set that as the base price for our premium content.

Uttabull Libsyn Premium Accounts

In conjunction with our hosts over at Libsyn, you can sign up for a Libsyn Premium Account (MyLibsyn Account) and you can then use this account to access our Premium content via t’interweb, our NEW uttabull iOS or Android Apps. Pricing is either a month for the cost of a beer, 6 months for the cost of 3 beers or a whole year for 5 beers. It is a membership to our premium content, so billing will occur on the basis that you signed up for. (1, 6, or 12 months) The membership entitles you to listen to our premium content at home or on the move.

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Uttabull Libsyn Premium Accounts + iOS App

Anyone with an iPhone, iPad or an iPod Touch can download our free app from the apple app store. Once downloaded you will automatically (at users discretion) be able download or stream our content as our shows become available, you will also be able to sign up and listen to our premium membership through the app.


Uttabull Libsyn Premium Accounts+ Android App

Coming soon to an android device near you…


Uttabull Libsyn Premium Accounts + Web Browser

If you don’t have an apple or Android device, or maybe you just want to stream our content on your computer you can visit, You can not download the the premium episodes, but all our bonus material is available to you.

The cost of our bonus membership is as follows.

1 Beer   = $1.99  USD
3 Beers = $4.99USD
5 Beers = $8.99USD

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