Drone Me

Show 133 Get’s Jason back into the studio for the first time in a while.  The guys discuss what they received for christmas and what they got their loved ones. Tho they soon turn their attention to other things, including the production of their very first compilation album, and whats […]

Your Seed Should Be Just Thrown In The Bin.

Show 132 sees us sit down with Ted and Duncan, (not forgetting Lois!) where we recap their trip to the latest memorabilia show.  Before we get to that to, we talk to Lois, who has just moved into her new house. Find out the names of her appliances and why […]

Anyway, Let’s Have Sex!

Vickytic joins us for a festive top 3 foods, after Liam makes up new rules and Jason is left dribbling… Jasons News sees us discuss Aeroplanes, Ears and Sex! Merry Christmas to one and all…. Contact the show Liam; Jason; Tony; Jim; Jimbob@uttabull.comYou can also follow us […]

You could play drums, and then milk yourself…

Steve drops in for Jason as we continue our mini series of christmas top threes. Topics of the day include Babies, drinking, our top three presents of all time, milking and shooting the entire cast of Glee.Contact the show Liam; Jason; Tony; Jim; Jimbob@uttabull.comYou can also follow […]

It’s just to early.

Watch out… Jason’s on tilt, and he looses it on air! …and then Liam sings, Again! Topics of the day include, The new Uttabull studios, Christmas songs and  how Amazon’s standards are slipping.  Jasons News involves smelling of Bacon, naked running, and a Burger that will make your eyes water. […]