A nice comfortable mouthful, and then swallow.

Past, current and future co-hosts all join in on the conversation on this milestone  100th episode. We talk a whole heap of Uttabull, review a beer sent to us both by a fan and bring back some old segments for old times sake. In Jason’s News we discuss an Australian, […]

Manx Knob in his gob

Our last show of this centenary sees us with a guest and a guest co-host joining us. Teds been hot on the heels of the celebs again, and shares his latest recordings for the show. Other topics include snow, a lot more snow, and hamstring injuries gained through bedroom gymnastics! Jasons news sees us […]

Penne al’arrabiata

Illness and Deathstars pretty much dominate the conversation today. Jasons News sees us discuss the destruction of a caravan, an amorous Chinese listener and the biggest workplace mistake anyone could ever make! Contact the show: Liam; Liam@uttabull.com Jason; Jason@uttabull.com Tony; Andy@uttabull.com Jim; Jimbob@uttabull.comYou can also follow us on twitter @uttabull and now on Youtube Don’t […]


Jason in Essex is back in house for our 80th Episode, only for it to get Hijacked, part way through, just before this weeks guest shows up. After the usual Uttabull to start the boys discuss T.V’s Wii U’s and from there as the guests start to show up  it […]