Jason’s News

Whacking The Fish Against The Wall

Show 154. Jason is back in the studio to discuss the trails and tribulations of Liam being a Cod-casting  fisherman, tales from The Creek, and Jason’s management promotion all get discussed..  Jason’s News sees us discuss Marks and Spencer’s, Hot Bun’s and Canada.       Check out this episode!

I Flicked My Cat Off

Show 137, The boys are back for another episode and waste no time talking nonsense.  Water slides. T-Bags. and being featured on another podcast start the proceedings.  The boys also discuss reality talent competitions and quiz shows.  We then go on to discuss being at the front row of comedy […]

Drone Me

Show 133 Get’s Jason back into the studio for the first time in a while.  The guys discuss what they received for christmas and what they got their loved ones. Tho they soon turn their attention to other things, including the production of their very first compilation album, and whats […]