BLM – 001 The Pilot

BLM1  The Pilot. This is pretty much a raw recording of the discussions we had regarding a new music show idea.  This one is litterally starting from inception,  will take shape and grow as a show as it goes along.  Want to be a featured artist/group? Send us an email. […]

Don’t Diss The Bush

UB163 – We start the show by introducing one of our new Co-Host’s. Tales from the bar, Dodgy Dreams, Top 5 Christmas songs, and we talk a little music from 2014. Music demoed within the show is; At the Sign of the Swinging Cymbal, by Brian Fahey & His Orchestra […]

Drone Me

Show 133 Get’s Jason back into the studio for the first time in a while.  The guys discuss what they received for christmas and what they got their loved ones. Tho they soon turn their attention to other things, including the production of their very first compilation album, and whats […]

You could play drums, and then milk yourself…

Steve drops in for Jason as we continue our mini series of christmas top threes. Topics of the day include Babies, drinking, our top three presents of all time, milking and shooting the entire cast of Glee.Contact the show Liam; Jason; Tony; Jim; Jimbob@uttabull.comYou can also follow […]

It’s just to early.

Watch out… Jason’s on tilt, and he looses it on air! …and then Liam sings, Again! Topics of the day include, The new Uttabull studios, Christmas songs and  how Amazon’s standards are slipping.  Jasons News involves smelling of Bacon, naked running, and a Burger that will make your eyes water. […]