Next Level Podcast

TNL – He’s Running 6 Minute Miles.

Show 25 of the Next Level Podcast. Both Liam and Geoff have been racing again.  This show sees them dissect their respective 26.2 and 1.7 mile races Have a question or need help? Send us an Email; You can also Tweet, @nextlevelpod Background Music by Podington_Bear; “Background” – […]

TNL – Disk 2 Chapter 3 – What To Do And Wear

TNL5 – Welcome to Disk 2 Chapter 3 of the Next Level Podcast.  Still Entitled getting off the couch.  This second disk sees us continue at the start of your journey with the chapter continuing on to talk about about you.  There are 4 parts to todays show Clothing/footwear Working […]