Was there any Boney M?

Full compliment today as Tony joins us for a catch up on the previous 8 weeks and a discussion about Home Brew, but not before Liam and Jason talk about comedy, stand up. Other Topics include, 3rd Biggest city in Nebraska, Chicago Dogs, and getting a cracked rib all in the name […]

That shit’s mine

Jason in Essex Joins us for the last time as a rotating co-host, and is joined by rob, from Chicago. Topics of the day run from Old bay Seasoning, to whiskey, and  Big yellow Banana’s to Wii Games the lazy way, and everything else in between. Jason’s News includes, mops used […]

I’m Not Albert Einstine

We recorded this nearly a month ago…. Contact the show.. Liam; Jason; Tony; Jim; Jimbob@uttabull.comYou can also follow us on twitter @uttabull and now on Ustream Don’t forget we have a facebook fan page too! Like the Show?? why not invest in us? Download ‘I’m not Albert Einstine’

In 10 min’s BAM!!! Single to Married… Arrrghhhh

Were back after an extended holiday for Jason in Essex, to get married and other unimportant things. Today we talk about the wedding of the year, the honey moon and the happy ever after, as well as some other bits and bobs. Jasons news sees us talking about internet dating […]

You see your shit beer as an import.

We finally catch up with Andy for some uttabull, and Its not long untill he spontaneously  invites a guest on to the show and thats when things really get smoking. The Boys Uttabull about:  – ” Great Coffee”  ‘BBQ-‘in’ ‘Grill’in’ and the dos and don’t of both. Tonys Skeet sees a last minute […]

I never count my chickens

Rob, A co podcaster from  joins us for todays Uttabull. Once we have finished abusing Tony we quickly turn our attention to Rob and his life as a Photographer. However this does not last long and we uttabull about; Illinois Governers, and how the love to do time, Cheese, […]

Everybody in the country packs their own bags…

Tony Joins us for our 59th uttabull which ends up exactly as predicted… We Uttbull about, flightsim, photography, F1, This aint Iowa and You Tube. Tonys skeet sees us talk about some of the more important aspects of the Isle of Man News. Contact the show – Liam; Jason; […]