Grooming, fishing and Ch*****as lights should just about cover this weeks show notes.  Plus a little Uttabull’s up snippet and App chat.   Jason’s news sees Jason actually read a newspaper, virginity and a smoke alarm  Contact  the show Liam; Liam@uttabull.com Jason; Jason@uttabull.com Twitter; @uttabull Facebook;Facebook.com/uttabull Check out this episode!

We invented Halloween

124 became our halloween special, after discussing Hop Tu Naa, Turnips and shi**ing on your doorstep, we then turn to other random topics such as; Lousy storms, jerky, and the worst example of maths you will ever hear on international radio.  Jason’s news sees us hear 3 spooky stories…  Contact […]

First World Problems

Considering we had nothing when we hit record, we certainly had no problems in filling the time for this our 121st episode.  Jason’s news includes stories about a gamer, an alcoholic, and onions.  Contact the show, Liam; Liam@uttabull.com, Jason; Jason@uttabull.com, Twitter; @uttabull and were also found at Facebook.com/uttabull. Check out […]