star trek

A nice comfortable mouthful, and then swallow.

Past, current and future co-hosts all join in on the conversation on this milestone  100th episode. We talk a whole heap of Uttabull, review a beer sent to us both by a fan and bring back some old segments for old times sake. In Jason’s News we discuss an Australian, […]

Suck on my Manx Knobs

Ted joins us again to discuss his weekend away at a memorabilia fair. little did we realise that what really happened was borderline celebrity stalking! Other topics include, latest football saga’s with teams, managers and fantasy football.  Ted also insists on the banning of a word! Jasons news sees us discuss, Milking, […]


Jason in Essex is back in house for our 80th Episode, only for it to get Hijacked, part way through, just before this weeks guest shows up. After the usual Uttabull to start the boys discuss T.V’s Wii U’s and from there as the guests start to show up  it […]

Kids are still learning

After a extended period of leave Jason is back in his now dusty studio to talk some uttabull… and boy do we talk. Topics of the show include, being a circus performer, getting wasted for a week on whisky, paying £35 for an autograph and not even getting looked at, and going […]

Under the Thumb

Jason in Essex Joins us for some more uttabull. We talk ALOT. Three grand to go and you don’t get an Autograph! Contact the show – Liam; Jason; Tony; Jim; Jimbob@uttabull.comYou can also follow us on twitter @uttabull and now on Ustream Don’t forget we have a facebook fan page too! Like […]