I’m Not Albert Einstine

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I wouldn’t call them pleasure points…

Parental Discretion advised…  – if your a parent…  especially one of mine….. you might not want to listen to this!!! We talk about, kids, fun things to do when making kids and  we debate a topic that is probably closer to any line we have ever walked… Then we do some Jasons […]

Jiggle Balls

Fat Cat joins us for our Uttabull Football special… if your not into football and your name is Jimbob you should start the show at around 62 mins as Jasons News should never be missed…. Uttabull fantasy champion MY ARSE! Contact the show.. Liam; Jason; Tony; Jim; […]

They stopped him because of his Slong

Jason in Essex finally gets released from wedlock to record another show and he quickly turns it round on Liam and why He’s not been around,after moving into the first story we invite “Doughnut” onto the show, and it all falls apart from there. Topics of the day include: – […]

In 10 min’s BAM!!! Single to Married… Arrrghhhh

Were back after an extended holiday for Jason in Essex, to get married and other unimportant things. Today we talk about the wedding of the year, the honey moon and the happy ever after, as well as some other bits and bobs. Jasons news sees us talking about internet dating […]

Under the Thumb

Jason in Essex Joins us for some more uttabull. We talk ALOT. Three grand to go and you don’t get an Autograph! Contact the show – Liam; Jason; Tony; Jim; Jimbob@uttabull.comYou can also follow us on twitter @uttabull and now on Ustream Don’t forget we have a facebook fan page too! Like […]

Cock-Juggling Thundercu…….

Jason in Essex stops by for episode 65, only to be greeted by a fairly aggitated Liam. Topics of the show include crap TV, fighting over Liam’s only fan, Liam opens up to Jason… again!, The age that young ladies look v The age of the guy who likes them […]