TNL – Sprint Finish

TNL27  – Today we find ourselves in our new home on the uttabull servers, (http://www.uttabull.com)  It’s the Same Next Level Podcast, in the same format, Just sharing a feed with our sister podcast Uttabull.  Todays show talks a lot about Christmas, and the surrounding festive season, the foods  and drinks […]

Whiskey is my friend

Steve joins us to tell us about his goings on with his house  so this summer…. It cant get any worse can it??? Contact the show: Liam; Liam@uttabull.com Jason; Jason@uttabull.com Tony; Andy@uttabull.com Jim; Jimbob@uttabull.comYou can also follow us on twitter @uttabull and now on Youtube Don’t forget we have a Facebook fan page too! Check out […]